Amateur Radio (Ham) "Technician" License

The Newington Amateur Radio League, a special service club affiliate of the ARRL, from time to time offers a class leading to the "Technician" class Amateur Radio License. "Technician" is the beginner's license and gets the user privileges on the VHF and UHF bands and parts of the six and ten-meter bands.  It is a prerequisite for those who wish to advance to the "general" and "amateur extra" license classes, which grant additional radio frequency privileges to the licensees.

This is the license designed for beginners just getting into the hobby. Most of the course covers FCC rules and regulations on operation and only the most elementary electronics -- hopefully just enough so you can operate a radio safely and not cause radio interference to others.

The course will cover the material in "The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual" appropriate to the FCC license exam.  The last session is the actual FCC license exam, administered by certified Volunteer Examiners.  The course will also cover practical operating procedures and will include a chance to get on the air and make your first contact!


The course will be based on "The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual", which covers the subjects matching the latest FCC exam question pool.  NOTE: the exam question pools change every four years.  The current book is available directly from the ARRL, by mail order, at popular local ham radio vendors and ham fests, or direct from the NARL club.  Please email to the contact below if you want to purchase the book through NARL and take it home from the first class.

WHERE: Next class to be announced

WHEN: Times and dates to be announced

HOW MUCH:  The ARRL license manual will be offered for sale through the NARL club.  The FCC exam fee is $15. There may be an additional charge of approximately $5 to cover room rental if class is held at the Newington Senior Center.

Contact: NARL President Quentin Hinton, KB1EWM